Client Testimonials

“During my visit to Toronto last summer, I was recommended to use the services of Newmarket Taxi by a friend. I called them to pick me from the airport and was pleasantly welcomed by a very warm driver in a very luxurious Lincoln. Although we faced the peak times of traffic of Toronto, I shared a lovely moment conversing with the driver. I continued using their services numerous times during my time in Canada, although I didn’t get the same person each times, they were all as friendly as each other. I look forward to go back to Toronto, and I would make sure to get in touch with the friends I made at Newmarket Taxi for my transportation in the city.”

– Jana Uthayakumar

“This service I believe is great for visitors as well as people from Newmarket. Whenever I visit for business or friends and family, I always know that Newmarket Taxi is there ready for me at the station. This taxi company ensures it represents its clientele extremely well, whether it be through the passenger experience of high quality chauffeuring around town or being ferried around in a newer model lincoln. That does make a difference and I want to say thanks to Newmarket Taxi for offering service which matches downtown Toronto black cabs. Good to know that a company in Newmarket offers luxurious taxi service. Keep it up!”

– Swapnil Pradhan

“If im ever in the Newmarket area and I need to get around these guys are my first call. They will usually pick you up within 5-10 minutes and will actually wait for you. Most cab companies just show up and leave without a call or even a honk and I really hate that. I have never really paid attention to the rates, but they have VERY clean cars. Nothing worse than a cabbie that smokes in his car and leaves litter everywhere.”

– Lloyd Marsh

“Newmarket Taxi is the best service in Newmarket. Their cars are very clean and nice smelling, as well the drivers for Newmarket Taxi are extremely nice and with their high quality service the rates are fair and reasonable.”

– Chanujan Vas

“Newmarket Taxi is great. These guys are professional, reliable and most importantly affordable. I`d highly recommend them.”

– Ahmed Ismail

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